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ECONT 1201

Fluid Pump ECONT1201 is intended for supplying fluids to an operation area at a given pressure during minimally invasive surgeries in arthroscopy, urology and hysteroscopy.


  • the device can be used in 4 modes: Laparoscopy, Arthroscopy, Urology and Hysteroscopy
  • the FLUSH function enables efficiency increase of fluid flow up to 2 l/min
  • the LEVEL function gives a possibility to calibrate the measuring system by the user relative to the operation area for real pressure measurement in the operating area The regulation range is between –100 cm and +100 cm
  • two pressure sensors to ensure safety in case of failure of one of them
  • big 7” TFT display gives a quick overview of the rated and actual values of working modes, parameters, alarms, etc.
  • the setting of the working parameters is made by touching controls on the touch-screen multilanguage menu
  • the embedded software that checks all critical parameters of the device
  • the non-volatile memory of the latest settings
  • the overpressure protection


Universal Fluid Pump ECONT 1201

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