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Since 2001, Contact Co. has been engaged in the manufacture of high-quality endoscopic equipment for minimally invasive surgery. With a qualified team of developers and skilled workers, Contact Co. produces endoscopic systems and components for laparoscopy, arthroscopy, urology, bronchoscopy, gynaecology and ENT.

We are committed to the longevity and excellence of our products, which are developed in close collaboration with leading medical experts in minimally invasive technology. Engineers in our R&D department draw on the latest research and bring new scientific ideas to life. They work with our production department to find solutions that satisfy our customers. A large number of different variants and models allows us to offer an optimized solution with an excellent price/performance ratio.

We are proud to be one of the first medical equipment manufacturers in Ukraine to be ISO 13485 certified, which guarantees our customers proven quality. Our products are certified according to the European Directive 93/42/EEC.


25 December, 2022

The new 4K video camera ECONT-2002.5 has all the properties that are required in a modern operating room where mini-invasive surgeries are performed – bright and accurate image color reproduction, high sensitivity, the ability to record images on USB media, broadcast video over a local network for playback in a conference room etc. In addition, it has a simply fantastic ratio of functionality and price!


  • 1 x 1/1,8″ 16:9 SONY CMOS image sensor
  • High sensitivity assumes less light illumination
  • Ultra-high definition resolution 3840×2160 pixels at 60Hz, progressive scan
  • High interference immunity from electrosurgery
  • 10 presets for different disciplines (Laparoscopy, Gynecology, Arthroscopy, Thoracoscopy, ENT etc.)
  • 5 user-programmed buttons f1…f5 on the front panel
  • 4 user-programmed buttons on the camera head
  • Multilanguage OSD menu (English, French, German, Russian)
  • Up to 1900 TV lines horizontal resolution
  • SDI, DVI (Full HD) and HDMI 2.0 (4K) outputs
  • On-device Ultra HD or Full HD video recording and image capturing on USB media
  • Broadcasting video over a local network

02 April, 2019

ECONT-2002.4 is the latest version of the ultra-high definition endoscopy camera, which delivers a clear and sharp picture. With the native progressive scan, the ECONT-2002.4 provides the sharpest details with incomparable natural color rendition at the highest spatial and temporal resolution. Even the finest variations in tissue structures are distinguishable.


  • UHD 4K Camera head, soacable
  • high sensitivity requires less light from an illumination
  • ultra-high definition resolution 3840×2160 pixels at 50Hz or 60Hz
  • high interference immunity from electrosurgery
  • light enhancement increases the visibility of shadowed objects
  • smoke reduction function
  • up to 1600 TV lines of horizontal resolution
  • quad 3G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 outputs, simultaneous 4K, and HD outputs
  • on-device HD video recording and image capturing (optional)
  • USB Flash drive (optional)
  • title generator keyboard, medical grade (optional)

02 April, 2019

The ECONT-0401.5 insufflator maintains pneumoperitoneum under extreme conditions for reliability during all laparoscopic procedures. It offers real-time pressure sensing for increased accuracy during a procedure. Active exsufflation in case of continuing excess pressure in the connected body cavity is taken for higher patient safety. Safety

  • automatic computer-supported check on device soft- and hardware when turning the unit on
  • internal gas exsufflation valve is activated for automatical reduction of dangerous intraabdominal overpressure
Ergonomic design
  • big 7” TFT display gives a quick overview of the rated and actual values of gas pressure, gas flow, alarms etc.
  • setting of the working parameters is made by touching controls on touch-screen multilanguage menu
  • high flow rate capacity of 45 l/min quickly compensates for even big gas losses
  • insufflator’s Smart Continuous Flow algorithm ensures insufflation depending on the filling level of the body cavity, thus an optimized filling speed is achieved with fully automatic, situation-related insufflation pressure values. A continuous gas flow provides a filling procedure with small pressure fluctuations in the body cavity and a high average insufflation performance
Gas heating
  • for eliminating of post surgery problems the insufflator is equipped with a high efficient gas heating subsystem
Smoke evacuation
  • evacuation of smoke and mist generated during electrosurgery and ultrasonic procedures can be made by pressing the footswitch
Gas supply
  • the device can be used with gas bottles or central gas supply systems – input pressure range 4…100 bars

02 April, 2019

ECONT-2301.1 Endoscopic Video System combines in one unit the high-quality 1CMOS Full HD Video Camera and LED Light Source as well as Digital Video Recorder to save FHD movies/stills on USB media


  • FHD Video + LED + DVR
  • 1×1/3” 16:9 CMOS ultra-high sensitive image sensor
  • 1CMOS Camera head, soackable
  • full HD resolution: 1920 x 1080p
  • 4 programmable control buttons on the camera head
  • 8 Endoscope scenes for using the different types of Endoscopes
  • up to 10x digital Zoom, Mirror and Freeze functions
  • built-in recording module for saving HD movies/stills on USB media (memory stick, HDD)
  • high-intensity LED light output (equivalent to 300W Xenon) at low power consumption
  • extremely long LED service life – up to 50 000 hours
  • full touch screen control for both camera and LED light source

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