Shaver System

Arthroscopy Shaver System ECONT 1101

ECONT 1101

Shaver System ECONT-1101 is intended for driving blades and surgical cutters which are used during arthroscopic surgeries.


  • two outputs for Handpiece. The device recognizes the connected Handpiece and automatically sets work parameters
  • two types of Handpiece blade locking system are available – manual and automatic;
  • the whole Handpiece is autoclavable
  • short oscillation cycles: from 0,2 sec. in the whole range. Faster than even before oscillation times (constant for each speed 800 – 5000 RPM) – up to 4 times at the highest speed
  • multi-language menu (English, German, Polish, French, Russian, Turkish)
  • electronically controlled protection against overloading of the Handpiece. Adjustment of torque, which prevents overloading of the system, at the same time increases the efficiency of the drive unit
  • continuous monitoring of engine rotation which provides its constant value in the performance of work by the blade
  • the non-volatile memory of recent settings (rotation speed, menu language)
  • stable work while oscillating. Thanks to the fluent start of the engine, the sharp tugs are disposed of
  • additional circuit protection. It eliminates the risk of the controller damage during usage / short circuit of the Handpiece cable
  • two types of Footswitch are available, with cable and wireless


Arthroscopy Shaver System ECONT 1101

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