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Argon Plasms


Vessel Sealing


Argon Supply Unit ECONT-0201.3A supplies Argon gas at conrolled flow rate thus supporting Argon-Plasma coagulation modes at ESU ECONT-0201.3.


  • works as a slave unit with ECONT-0201.3 to support Argon-plasma modes


Argon Supply Unit ECONT-0201.3A

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ECONT-0201.2 is a versatile system meeting all operating theatre requirements. It is equipped with a fast microprocessor, processing all operating parameters in real time. It enables fast automatic current adjustment to changing operating conditions. Special modes enable operation in difficult conditions, laparoscopy, endoscopy, neurosurgery.

It is a universal electrosurgery system designed for surgery room and most applications in the operating theatre. It is perfect for laparoscopic techniques. It enables cutting with two different steps of hemostatsis, two modes of monopolar coagulation and bipolar coagulation. ECONT0201.1 is multifunctional electrosurgical unit with high output power of 300 W enables using it successfully either in laparoscopic and general surgery operations.