The insufflator maintains pneumoperitoneum under extreme conditions for reliability during all laparoscopic procedures. It offers real-time pressure sensing for increased accuracy during a procedure.
Active exsufflation in case of continuing excess pressure in the connected body cavity is taken for higher patient safety.

– automatic computer-supported check on device soft- and hardware when turning the unit on
– internal gas exsufflation valve is activated for automatical reduction of dangerous intraabdominal overpressure
Ergonomic design
– big 7” TFT display gives a quick overview of the rated and actual values of gas pressure, gas flow, alarms etc.
– setting of the working parameters is made by touching controls on touch-screen multilanguage menu
– high flow rate capacity of 45 l/min quickly compensates for even big gas losses
– insufflator’s Smart Continuous Flow algorithm ensures insufflation depending on the filling level of the body cavity, thus an optimized filling speed is achieved with fully automatic, situation-related insufflation pressure values. A continuous gas flow provides a filling procedure with small pressure fluctuations in the body cavity and a high average insufflation performance
Gas heating
– for eliminating of post surgery problems the insufflator is equipped with a high efficient gas heating subsystem
Smoke evacuation
– evacuation of smoke and mist generated during electrosurgery and ultrasonic procedures can be made by pressing the footswitch
Gas supply
– the device can be used with gas bottles or central gas supply systems – input pressure range 4…100 bars